Hunting and

We provide our customers with a wide range of hunting and fishing clothing, all made with high fabrics quality till the last detail.

Our hunting and fishing clothes offer high comfort level and excellent resistance to meet all our customers’ needs. You can find 100% cotton hunting pants, cotton canvas vest and water repellent polycotton jackets.

In addition to waterproof leather shoes, sweaters and hunting hats. We offer you everything you need to be always very well equipped

Hunting callbacks

Our aim is to provide our clients with the best and most efficient services therefore we also offer a wide choice in hunting and fishing accessories.

Here you can find hunting horns, gun cases, briefcases, precision optics, guards, molds and lot of hunting and fishing articles

We provide you with all your needs and for all situations even the most extreme ones.

All our
to your service

Safari Sport® has twenty years of experience in hunting and fishing clothing production, and always guarantees a wide choice of clothes, punctuality and variety in the articles.

All pieces made by Safari ® Sport are carefully selected by its own personnel. The expedition takes place only once a meticulous and detailed quality control is made.